What Should I Put In My Gym Bag?

What women have in their gym bags may not be the same items that men will have. No matter how people try, there will always be some differences between the two genders. The gym bags of each prove that true.

To learn what you should put in your gym bag, just continue to read our article. It has the information to guide you in order for you to have all the essentials when you need them prior to or after your workout.

Take a few minutes to see if you are missing any items. Keep in mind some of these items are ladies only.

The Essential Gym Bag Items

1. Running Shoes

These go by different names but no matter what you call them, they are there to help. These shoes provide protection for your feet, knees, and hips as they absorb impacts for you. Then they give you great traction so you do not slip and fall on a wet surface

2. Gym Clothes

Working out in your office attire is not a smart move to make. Not only can you not move that freely, but your office mates also may not like what they smell when you return. Keep clean gym clothes in your bag to make sure you have the right attire to change into for your workout.

3. Bath Towel

This can be microfiber, cotton, terry cloth, or another fabric that is absorbent and soft. You always will need a towel whether you shower or not after working out. It helps keep the sweat out of your eyes. Also, make sure to pick the right color so it doesn’t clash with your workout outfit.

4. Water Bottle

As you work out you will begin to feel a bit dehydrated. Having a full water bottle nearby lets you take a quick break to get hydrated again, then continue your workout without cooling down. The bottle should be empty when stored in your bag so you do not get your gym clothes wet before you get to the gym.

5. Shower Essentials

The list will include everything you need for a quick shower in the locker room. Shampoo, hair conditioner, soap, face cloth, and for after your shower, deodorant. Some people say you should have dry shampoo in your bag just in case the gym does not have a shower room. But that is up to you to decide to include.

6. Headphones

Or a headset and player combination. Listening to music can be very helpful to your workout routine. It doesn’t matter if you use the little earbuds or bring along an over-the-ear set, as long as you get the right music you are good to go. Just make them hard to break if you want them to last.

7. Comb

For women, a wide-tooth version is better than the standard men’s comb. It helps get the tangles out without damaging your hair. For men, the fine-tooth comb most men carry in their back pocket is fine. Looking good before you leave the locker room is important.

8. Snack

This too is optional but if you do not want to pay the higher prices at the gym, having a snack or two along for the ride will come in handy. Just make sure it is a healthy snack so you can reinforce your workout time by eating something that is good for you.

9. Extra Dry Clothes

Be like the Boy Scouts and always be prepared. You never know when a friend will invite you out after you finish your workout. Having an extra shirt, blouse, skirt, or pair of pants along lets you change into something more comfortable for the evening without having to go home. Don’t forget the extra socks or nylons either.

10 Make Up Essential

This is one for the ladies and having these items along helps you look your best for the rest of the day. This kit can include baby or face wipes, the right cold creams, lip balm and other smaller make-up essentials. The choice is up to you.

Some Final Words

The active life makes having the right items in your gym bag a necessity of life. You may not have time to go home after a good workout. Being prepared lets you remain confident, look good, and make the best first impression possible.

Check out your gym bag to see if you are missing any of these items. Then add in those you think will help you out when you are ready to go from the gym back to the office or to the nearest restaurant.

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