How to stop being negative (12 Tips) 


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You may be negative and not know it  



You are so used to hearing yourself speak in one way that you do not realize that you are being negative a majority of the time you spend with others. This is a big turn-off to others and you might find yourself alone more often than you were before. 

The good news is that there are ways to help turn that negative speech into positive words. It just takes a little practice and to know the different steps to take. Keep reading to find out the different tips to use to help you be more positive and win more friends. 


How to stop being negative 


It is an easy habit to get into. There is always a lot to complain about. From work-related issues to school to everyday life, there is always something bad you can make comments about. here are a few tips to help turn the negative into a positive: 

#1. Practice being grateful– You know how everyone hates it at thanksgiving when the host stands up and says ‘let’s go around the table and mention one thing you are grateful for.’ 

It turns out that is a very good way to get away from being negative. Learn to find things you are grateful for in your life. it doesn’t have to be much as even a positive comment about a restaurant can help. 

#2. Stop feeding the negativity inside you– This may mean cutting off your favorite social media outlets or your favorite news program. Then replace those negative sources with positive ones. 

Also, you may have to cut off some toxic friends or relationships in order to remove those negative sources. 

#3. Smile– Is one of the best ways to see the good side of life. Even smiling for a few seconds will help you transform your brain and give you a better outlook on life in general. 

How to stop being negative and angry 


How to stop being negative and angry

The two can go hand in hand at times. Most people do not like hanging around an angry person and when you add in negativity, the fun of being together goes out the window. Here are a few good ways to combat this attitude combination. 

#1. Eat Right– Sometimes anger and negativity come out of your diet. When you eat bad food, your body may not feel great so you do not feel great. When you do feel great, you can only see the negative side of life or the things that make you mad. 

When you eat right, your body feels better and you feel better. You do not have those negative or unhealthy side effects bringing you down. Plus, you can find good healthy food that has anti-depressant ingredients to help you feel more like yourself. 

#2. Exercise More– Get those negative and angry feelings out of you by taking the time to exercise regularly. Exercise is known to create a more positive outlook on life. Then it does not have to cost you a lot to do this. 

Find a ball to kick around, rope to jump, or even do some stationary bike work. A little exercise helps in ways you can’t imagine. 

#3. Learn To Accept What You Can And Cannot Control– One of the biggest ways to get angry is being unhappy with something you have no control over. You need to let those things you can’t control go and work with those things that you can to the best of your ability. 



How to stop being negative towards others 


#1. Accept people for who they are– Finding little flaws or nuances that annoy you will lead you to say very critical and harmful things about others. if you learn to accept them as they are, you can find the positive aspects of their personality and learn to be positive to them 

#2. Don’t be so emotional– Negative people like those friends who react very strongly about something they said. Keep your emotions in check and do not feed their negativity. When you stop feeding it you may see something positive in the person that you like. Then work on developing that positive attitude. 

#3. Give compliments to other people– Focus on something the other person did right and compliment them on it. Or find ways to boost their self-esteem in positive ways. Do good to them so that they will feel better about themselves. 


How to stop being negative at work 

how to stop being negative at work


#1. Do not be upset about your salary– Be content with what you are being paid and do not let others’ higher pay get you down. Just work harder and smarter so that you can be promoted or receive a well-earned bonus or raise. 

#2. Give proper recognition– Give credit where credit is due. Compliment or reward someone for a job well done. Not only will this make you feel more positive about your work and fellow employees, but it also makes them feel they are valued. there is a lot of positive power when you reward someone for their contribution. 

#3. Treat others as you would want to be treated– Give your co-workers or employees the trust and respect they deserve. They will feel better, you will feel better and any negative thoughts or attitudes about your workplace environment should disappear. Encourage more productivity of yourself as well as that helps take away negatives thoughts about work. 


Some final words 


Being negative can bring on poor health issues. When you are always down, your health is affected by the negative way you approach your life. To help your body be more healthy, learn different ways to be positive and dump the negativity. 

It is possible to mix those tips and use them in more than just one area of your life. Find the ones that work the best for you and use them on a regular basis. You will be surprised how good life really is when you start being positive over being negative. 

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