How to Stop Being Insecure in a Relationship 

You are not alone 

There are many partners in a relationship that feel insecure. Each one just does not feel like they deserve the love of their partner and other reasons. The difference between them and you is that they learned how to constructively and positively deal with those issues. 

The following content will help you get over those insecurities or point you in the right direction. Just keep in mind that your success over this issue depends on you and how you apply the upcoming information. 

How to stop being insecure in a relationship 

There are many self-help books and self-help websites with good intentions. These sources of help do contain a lot of good information but they do not always apply to you or your relationship. 

When you edit all that advice, you will find that there are two key issues that will help you stop feeling insecure in a relationship. The first is to stop comparing an old relationship with the new one. You may be the same person but your new partner is not the same as the old one. 

You need to give the new one a chance and not hold the mistakes of the old partner over the head of your new mate. the second key issue is to stop looking for the perfect relationship. 

The perfect relationship or the fairy tale one just does not exist. You and your partner are not perfect and your relationship will be filled with ups and downs. 

How to stop being insecure 

Insecurity is just a lack of confidence in yourself. Once you learn that lesson, you can find the sources for your lack of confidence and work on them. It is not hard to build your confidence, you just have to take a deep breath at times and plunge into an activity. 

You just may surprise yourself at what you can accomplish. Then, practice a little self-love. Do different things that help you grow as a person. These activities can be as simple as doing some exercises or going for a walk in the park. 

The key is to spend time with yourself, accept who you are, and then see which areas of your life need improvement. 

Why am i so insecure in my relationship 

There are many reasons for this feeling as well. Not all the reasons you find in your own research will apply to you so do not think that they do. many sources for the insecure feeling you have are very legitimate. 

One example would be a childhood trauma you have not gotten over. Early experiences do affect the way we handle relationships and feeling insecure is just one of them. Then, you just may not be able to trust the other person. 

Trust issues is a major reason why couples break up. or you hold beliefs you are not 100% sure about. You are afraid to express those beliefs simply because you are not sure how your partner will react to them. 

How to deal with insecurities in a long distance relationship 

One of the key issues that create insecure feelings is trust. If you have a hard time trusting your partner when you are so far apart, then you could feel insecure about the relationship. That feeling of being alone also plays havoc on long-distance relationships. 

The best way to handle these insecure feelings is to have good communication with your partner. Talking on the phone, writing letters, and having good discussions when you are together will help you overcome any feelings of insecurity. 

Of course, the two of you have to be honest with each other. When you do this you are building a strong foundation between the two of you. That foundation should help you overcome those insecure feelings. 

Is it normal to feel insecure in a new relationship 

Yes, it is normal to feel this way. One reason why you do is that you do not know the person well enough and you are never sure how they will react to different situations or things you will say. 

Until you get to know each other better, those feelings of insecurity may remain for a while. But as you get to know each other, they will disperse or decrease. it just takes a little time to get to the point where you know the person well enough to stop feeling insecure. 

One way to help get over those insecure feelings is to have open and honest communication between the two of you. 

What makes a woman insecure in a relationship 

There is any number of reasons why a woman will feel insecure in a relationship. Those reasons are as vast and various as the number of women on the planet. But if you compliment another woman’s appearance you can make your female partner feel insecure. 

Another action that takes place that produces this result is keeping secret from her. or you insult her and her contribution. Finally, you talk too much about an ex. 

What causes insecurity in a relationship 

The very first reason would be low self-esteem. if you do not like yourself very much, you can start feeling insecure. Another reason would be the changes in your relationship. Things take place you were not expecting and all of a sudden you do not feel as secure in your relationship as you should. 

When you two do not communicate very well, that lack can create insecurity issues as either one of you can get the wrong idea about what the other person is thinking. 

Some final words 

Feeling secure in a relationship takes some work. You have to get to know the other person and see how they feel about you. Also, you need to be able to trust the other person and when you can’t those insecurity issues can pop up. 

Keeping a good communication line open is one way to help fend off insecurity in a relationship as does liking yourself. A good self-esteem attitude goes a long way to help you depend more on yourself than on others. 

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